I loved reading the conference-approved history books during my first couple of years in sobriety. In 2012, again I became fascinated with the history and development of our humble fellowship. The A.A. docs on this website (other than the conference-approved materials) are the gatherings mostly from my wanderings on the internet as well as my personal books, tapes, etc.

Some excellent internet resources:


  1. "AA History Lovers" Yahoo discussion group – 2500+ members, including GSO archivists, authors of conference-approved books, and academic historians (alcoholics and non-alcoholics are welcome)

  2. – A great website on A.A. history
  3. An awesome page of resources on
  4. The Hindsfoot Foundation – A non-profit organization devoted to the history of treating alcoholism

  5. The West Baltimore Group – a whole lot of AA love in this website

  6. Official AA website


Why Study AA History?

"Whenever a civilization or society declines (or perishes) there is always one condition present - they forgot where they came from."  —Carl Sandburg


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James I.
Dallas, Texas

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Preston Group